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The Community Experience

This unique opportunity allows for many people in your community to receive healing tools, grief education and support.  Experience how welcoming our sorrows eases the hardened places within us and helps restore our connections to soul and to the world around us. 


When many people in a community experience the benefits of healing at the same time, the motivation to setup and maintain programs, receive support and work together on healing initiatives is often increased.   


  • This multi-day training program can accommodate up to 30 people.

  • This training will be valuable to anyone in the community living with grief who is interested in healing and strengthening resilience.

  • Parts of the training are limited to those who would be designated to create and implement community grief support services either in a professional or volunteer capacity. 

  • Heart Land travels to any location you wish to receive the training. 


“It was an enlightening experience and helped me appreciate the depth of grief and the necessity of attending to all forms of loss.  I feel a deeper connection with my emotions which will help me share compassion and understanding with others.”  

Essential Elements of
Heart Land Training
  • Multi-day training packages combine core modules as well as customized topics and combinations based on client consultations.

  • Designed to connect with sources of insight, wisdom and healing within each participant and their community.

  • Crafted for experiential learning, meaning that our gatherings are hands-on.  This approach is based on the understanding that learning experienced in the body, mind and heart facilitates the application of new knowledge into your workplace, family and community.

  • Training is delivered through a combination of lecture, personal reflection, expressive arts, movement, ceremony, group work, grounding and nature-based activities.

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