Grief comes to all of us.  It arises as a natural response whenever a meaningful connection changes or comes to an end.  Heart Land’s work is to help bring grief out into the light and to honour its capacity to draw us more fully into life.


Our mission:  open hearts.

Robin Macdonald

I've experienced Ecological Grief since I was a child, but didn't speak of this until I was much older, probably because there was no word for it in the English language at that time and because I was grief illiterate.

Following a series of pregnancy losses, I started working in the field of grief using peer support and other communal processes.  During this time, I began to honour my pain for the rest of nature as well as recognizing the support I received for other losses from the larger body of earth.

Through grief work I came across Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects.  She's given me language to unlock experiences and helped to liberate me from the delusion of having to choose between caring for people and caring for the rest of nature.  I practice this alive and evolving body of work regularly to maintain and strengthen my resilience. I also facilitate restorative processes and am a writer and Yasodhara yoga instructor.  


The common element in all of my work is creating brave spaces for people to connect with wisdom and facilitating the journey from challenge to transformation.   Core to my work is the role of community in healing and thriving. 

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"I truly noticed and appreciated the skill, presence and guidance of both facilitators. The teamwork was seamless and felt secure and I felt I was hearing and learning from gifted guides through the process."

Andrea Prazmowski

Andrea’s earliest memories are of making friends with the pussywillow tree in her backyard.  She’s always felt most at home in the shelter of trees and the embrace of the earth.

After earning a Journalism degree, Andrea traveled in east Africa where she first recognized that the human systems that treat some people and nations as "less than" others, are the same systems that degrade and disrespect "nature". Afterwards, she worked and volunteered with environmental organizations and in international development, became a mother of two boys and worked as a freelance writer and editor. Andre had the privilege of participating in two workshops led by Joanna Macy and studied with other remarkable teachers like Parker Palmer and Miriam MacGillis. In her next role, as education coordinator in her United Church, she focused on the spiritual dimension of our global challenges. She has facilitated learning groups and community partnerships of various kinds for more than 20 years.

Weekends and holidays would find Andrea exploring trails and paddling lakes and rivers with family and friends, and in 2017 she returned to her first love -- the trees -- and became a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide. Andrea has a Permaculture Design Certificate, is a practitioner of Reiki and Healing Pathway energy healing, has had the honour of being a co-facilitator of the Kairos Blanket Exercise (an interactive learning experience for reconciliation) and recently piloted a Forest Church initiative in Ottawa.

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