Grief comes to all of us.  It arises as a natural response whenever a meaningful connection changes or comes to an end.  Heart Land’s work is to help bring grief out into the light and to honour its capacity to draw us more fully into life.


Our mission:  open hearts.

Robin Macdonald



Robin Macdonald is a spiritually-rooted facilitator, moving at the intersections of social justice, earth care, spirituality and mental health.  Part of the Scottish-Irish diaspora living on Turtle Island, Robin is a restorative justice practitioner, communal grief and Work that Reconnects facilitator, Yasodhara Yoga teacher and writer. Core to her work is the role of community in healing and thriving.

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"I truly noticed and appreciated the skill, presence and guidance of both facilitators. The teamwork was seamless and felt secure and I felt I was hearing and learning from gifted guides through the process."

Andrea Prazmowski

Andrea has facilitated learning circles and community partnerships for more than 30 years. She is a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, inviting people to discover the gifts that come with offering our attentive presence to the more-than-human world and remembering our place within nature and our kinship with all life. Andrea holds a Permaculture Design Certificate, is a Reiki practitioner, and recently piloted a Forest Church initiative in Ottawa.  

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