Our Story

Heart Land began with a common calling to share what we’ve learned through 20 combined years of accompanying others through grief.  While some people close in on themselves and harden from loss, others grow to live with greater aliveness.  During our years of working together for a small grief-support focused non-profit, we became passionate about understanding what accounts for these differences.

We discovered that when there is awareness about grief’s needs and the safety and support to mourn our losses, healing happens and people become inspired to re-engage with life in new and expanded ways.  We also learned that the refusal to acknowledge grief and to deny its needs comes at a high price.  Unattended grief has been linked to addictions, poor mental health, a range of physical illnesses, and violence towards self and others.   

Grief comes to all of us.  It arises as a natural response whenever a meaningful connection changes or comes to an end.  Heart Land’s work is to help bring grief out into the light and to honour its capacity to draw us more fully into life.


Our mission:  open hearts.


“Deb and Robin were amazing, especially how they compliment one another with two very different personalities, a wide breadth of knowledge and excellent teaching skills.”  

Robin Macdonald

The common element in all of my work is creating brave spaces for people to connect with wisdom and facilitating the journey from challenge to transformation.   Core to my work is the role of community in healing and thriving. 

I've experienced Ecological Grief since I was a child, but didn't speak of this until I was much older, probably because there was no word for it at that time and because I was grief illiterate.

Following a series of pregnancy losses, I started working in the field of grief using peer support and other communal processes.  During this time, I began to honour my pain for the rest of nature as well as recognizing the support I received for other losses from the larger body of earth.

For eight years, I’ve been delivering grief and bereavement training, communal grief processes, facilitating peer support groups, and providing one-on-one support to people in grief.  Through this work I came across Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects.  She's given me language to unlock experiences and helped to liberate me from the delusion of having to choose between caring for people and caring for the rest of nature.  I practice this alive and evolving body of work regularly to maintain and strengthen my resilience and to cultivate my own Bodhisattva potential.

I also facilitate restorative processes.  I’m a writer and Yasodhara yoga instructor.  


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