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The Caregiver Intensive

Become more fluent in the essential elements of grief, enhance your skills in accompanying others through grief and learn to attend to your own grief to prevent compassion fatigue, burnout and the other mental and physical health consequences of unattended grief.  Heart Land offers customized, multi-day trainings for professional development.

Grief comes from many sources and the faces of loss are many;  loss of health or vitality, independence, role in family, loss of home/community and loss from death such as the death of a spouse.  In a care setting, grief happens when clients die or transition to another level of care, and is compounded, for staff and volunteers, by losses in their personal lives.

You will leave with a strategic direction to develop or strengthen workplace grief resources, a repertoire of tools to support people in grief and care for yourself so that you can be available to care for others.

The benefits of the training for service providers include improved quality and consistency of care for clients, increased staff retention and higher staff morale and cohesiveness.

It is a highly experiential training, combining grief education, personal reflection, group dialogue and many opportunities to learn to give and receive grief support. 

  • Designed for: anyone who provides grief support in the course of their work and staff in high mortality settings (long-term care homes, oncology and intensive care units, hospices),this is an intensive training suitable for front line staff and volunteers.

  • For groups of 16 – 24 people

  • Heart Land travels to any location you wish to receive the training. 


"I appreciated the diversity of learning modalities (including body movements, using journaling, reflecting, etc…)  I also deeply appreciate finding a space where we were treated as whole beings, capable of being in connection with our inner selves while also supporting doing our work in ethical and accountable ways.”

Essential Elements of
Heart Land Training
  • Heart Land gatherings welcome grief from all sources.  

  • Multi-day training packages combine core modules as well as customized topics and combinations based on client consultations.

  • Designed to connect with sources of insight, wisdom and healing within each participant and their community.

  • Crafted for experiential learning, meaning that our gatherings are hands-on.  This approach is based on the understanding that learning experienced in the body, mind and heart facilitates the application of new knowledge into your workplace, family and community.

  • Training is delivered through a combination of lecture, personal reflection, expressive arts, movement, ceremony, group work, grounding and nature-based activities.

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