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HOSTED BY Heart Land:


Join Swami Satyananda for a workshop that supports the grieving process.


The journey of yoga is a healing journey. What needs to be healed? What makes your life worth living? Take time to go inward and nurture yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, in a compassionate space.


This workshop will focus on experiencing tools for tending to the mind and heart in grief.  The faces of loss are many: death, relationship loss, loss of home or homeland, health or vitality, job losses, severence from ancestral stories and rituals, sorrow for the degradation of the earth and more. This workshop is appropriate for anyone experiencing grief from any source, past or present or who would like to learn new tools for attending to grief.



Swami Satyananda is a long-time teacher and resident of Yasodhara Ashram. She finds joy in sharing our practices and providing space for people to connect with their own inner wisdom.


Yasodhara Ashram is open year-round in the beautiful mountains of southeastern BC. Its new Temple of Light, nearing completion, will be a sacred space for peace, hope and unity – open to all.  The Ashram is a Canadian charity and educational institute since 1963.


OCT 26-The Yoga of Healing: Uniting mind, body and spirit


    Thursday evening, October 26th - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

    Nectar Center

    255 MacKay Street Ottawa, Ontario K1M 2B6



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