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This event is for anyone who identifies with the #metoo hashtag; that is, anyone who has ever been sexually harassed or assaulted. This Truth Mandala is a ceremony for honouring and transforming the pain that results from sexual violations for the purposes of personal and community healing and action.  It’s based on the ‘Work that Reconnects’ by Joanna Macy. 


The pain that results from sexual violence, such as fear, anger and sorrow is natural and healthy.  It can become dysfunctional when it is misunderstood and repressed. The costs of repressing pain are high.  These include diminished awareness, understanding and authenticity, and impeded intuition, imagination, empathy and the instinct for self-preservation.  Renewal of our passion for life and our creative wisdom happens when the needs of grief are honoured.


This event will include activities to prepare participants for the ritual, the ritual and integration and transition exercises.  Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a journal and pen.


This ceremony is being facilitatated by Heart Land and co-hosted by the Mill Road Community Space.  Spiritual Artist, Melanie St. Jean and Nia Dance instructor, Julie Westeinde will also be facilitating parts of this event.


Registration is required to confirm your spot as space is limited.  We welcome donations to help cover the cost of the venue.  Suggested donation $10 or pwyc

Nov 19 - #MeToo - The Truth Mandala


    Sunday, November 19th - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

    Mill Road Community Space

    08 Mill Road, Chelsea, Quebec J9B 1K8



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