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PRIVATE GROUP - registration not open to public


Enhance your well-being, slow-down and turn inward.  To care for others, we need places to care for ourselves. By the Fireside is a daylong retreat for professional or family caregivers.


Become grounded in yourself through self-exploration, body-centred movement and focused dialogue with other caregivers.  By working with reflective tools, connect and nurture sources of healing and wisdom within.  Clarify what supports and prevents you in integrating self-care into daily life.    Designed for renewal and the cultivation of self-compassion.


This retreat includes:

  • grounding practices to quiet the mind and soothe the nervous system

  • reflective processes and dialogue to access inner wisdom

  • body-centred movement for integration

  • ceremony to mark significant changes in our inner and outer landscapes, and as a vessel for mourning and release

  • space to connect with and be supported by nature

  • a nourishing lunch and snacks

  • social silence (speaking only when necessary) outside of the program sessions


At the end of the day, this retreat date can include an evening thermal spa experience at Amerispa-Cantley, 5 minutes from our retreat location.  Alternating between hot and cold facilitates calm and serenity to your body after a day of attending to your soul.


Ceremonies, reflective practices, expressive arts, and movement  will vary at each retreat.  For a more comprehensive retreat experience, consider registering for more than one retreat.





Apr 20th 2018-By the Fireside

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