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Autumn 2017  Retreat Series
&  Special Event
Full day educational retreats on the essential work of grief

The faces of loss are many:  death, relationship loss, loss of home or community, health or vitality, job losses, severence from ancestral stories and rituals, sorrow for the degradation of the earth and more. 

Heart Land gatherings welcome grief from all sources.

Step out of ordinary time and space and away from the responsibilities of daily life.  Set in calming natural environments, all retreat days combine soul-care and education.  Venture into your inner landscape and experience the power and renewal of retreat. 


Each retreat includes:

  • grounding practices to quiet the mind and soothe the nervous system

  • reflective processes and dialogue to access inner wisdom

  • body-centred movement for integration

  • ceremony to mark significant changes in our inner and outer landscapes, and as a vessel for mourning and release

  • space to connect with and be supported by nature

  • a nourishing lunch and snacks

  • social silence (speaking only when necessary) outside of the program sessions

Ceremonies, reflective practices, expressive arts, and movement will vary at each retreat.  For a more comprehensive retreat experience, consider registering for more than one retreat.  Group size is intentionally limited.  Early registration is recommended.

See our autumn retreat and special event descriptions and dates below. 

Heart Land retreats can also be delivered upon request to your organization, group or business at the location of your choice.  The format can be modified to meet your needs:


  • ​Daylong

  • 2-day retreat

  • Retreat series

Dates for eastern Ontario and western Quebec.
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